Friday, September 17, 2010

Physical Education - Part 1

Did you know that as a Home Economics Major, you will be required to take at least 2 P.E.'s in college?

Probably not, since I know of absolutely NO colleges offering degrees in Home Economics.  Despite the thriftiness it teaches one. 

But a long, long time ago, my college did. 

Now, here's where we pretend like you didn't ask what college I went to. 

1. Because if you have heard of it, you will probably make fun of it. 

And 2. Notice I said IF you have heard of it.

So back to my story.

I was forced had the opportunity to take 2 PE courses in college.

At the time, I was a little heavier than I am now.  And I wasn't excited at all.

At the time, I was also an underclassman who was like the LAST person to register.

Meaning 1st semester of my Freshman year, I couldn't get into any of the sweet ride PE classes (i.e., Bowling, Swimming - I did mention I went to college in Florida, right?, Raquetball, etc.)  And I was stuck with the WORST possible timeslot for a PE class. 

3 PM on a Friday afternoon.  

On Fridays, while everyone else was heading off to the beach, I was bumming around campus waiting for my PE class. 

Did I mention that it was Sailing?

Did I mention it was 30 minutes away?

Did I mention we rarely made it back to campus in time for dinner? 

And did I mention that it was one of the best memories of college I have?

Being out in the bay at sunset. 

Watching dolphins swim by our boat.

Swimming in the cold, cold water (water does get cold in Florida in December!) in all of our clothes after our catamaran flipped over.

Petting live dolphins that swam up to our sailboat.

Absolutely breathtaking moments. 

And to think I didn't want to be in that class.

And I daresay that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to take a sailing class as a PE class very many other places....

So, yeah, I am thankful for that class. 

The laughter we girls had on those boats and in that water.

To think I almost missed out on that class. 

And to think that that fall was more than 10 years ago....


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