Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Refinishing Free Furniture

I think I may have mentioned a time or 2 about my love affair with Craigslist, right?

And I am pretty sure I mentioned that I picked up a free buffet for my dining room this weekend.

What I didn't mentioned is that it needs a good bit of TLC.

It's a gorgeous piece.  And for the most part, I will probably have no problem getting it into shape.

But see that bottom drawer?

The veneer was chipped away from the corner.  Ugh.

Not to mention there are distinct scuffs/watermarks in the finish on the left side door

This is where you come in.


Can anyone tell me how to correct this problem? 

I am considering peeling a portion of the veneer from inside of one of the doors or the bottom of a foot of it, but how do I go about adhering the veneer.



Lauren said...

Have you thought about sanding down and refinishing, or is it not a piece you can do that with? You may be able to find what they call "wood putty" in a hardware store... it's this stuff you can fit in cracks and holes and then finish it to look like the furniture. But anyway, what a great find!! :) Worst case, cover it up with a colored sharpie and pray no one notices, haha!

Brambleberry Cottage said...

Thanks for linking to the Ask the Yankee blog party with your project.

I've done a lot of furniture refinishing, as well as, custom building, so I'm sure I can answer your question. But, is it possible for you to send a better picture (maybe a close-up of the area of concern)? I want to make sure that I address your problem the best way possible.

You can send the picture(s) to my wife's blog address:

The Yankee