Monday, August 2, 2010

Cliches by me

One of my friends and I were discussing how to best handle a disagreement between friends. And you know me, handy-dandy, rule-making-up knowing, advice giver. Just thought I would share with you too. I mean, really, we all need to know how to make-up after a disagreement between friends, right?

1. ALWAYS carry a box of kleenex’s to the event. Whether you have plans to shout at her until you turn blue in the face or cry until you have mascara on your shoes, you will be thankful you have that box of tissues.
2. Hug. Even if you aren’t the touchy-feely friend type. It’s just cliché enough to make all hard feelings disappear like dust in the wind.
3. Cry. Again, the cliché is just strong enough to carry you through. If you don’t look pretty crying, sucks to be you. Bff make-up sessions will not work without crying.
4. Cup of tea or coffee. Apparently, warm drinks heal hurt feelings too. The goal is cliché, people! Clichés ALWAYS work.
5. Laugh about old times together. Preferably through your tears. If you could hug while laughing about old times through your tears, you may not ever have to worry about another argument with this friend. Such a moment is rumored to be a rainbow in the sky to relationships.
6. Bring smelling salts, in case one of you get so worked up that you faint.

Ok, sorry. My rule book is apparently a little out-dated, but you get the idea….

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Kait said...

yes!! i totally agree with your rules (well, maybe the smelling salts part is slightly dated hahahahhaha!), hugs make everything better. :)