Friday, August 27, 2010

Thank you, Bravo, for making my summer complete

So I just watched the final episode of my favorite show of the summer…
(with the exception of LOST, of course!)

Dear me, I love that show.

I realize it has nothing to do with the actual show and everything to do with the fact that they are in my back yard.

And I really want to be friends with Jacqueline. Really.

Jacqueline, are you out there? Are you reading this? Let’s be friends. Not scary friends, like Danielle was. Just friends. Have coffee together or maybe book club? No? Ok, well, I tried. Ya know. Whatever.

Anyway, back to reality.

And then I heard that they fired Danielle?!?!?!

I jumped for joy.

And then I pouted.

And then I jumped for joy again.

I can’t decide if I am happy about it – because clearly, she’s crazy and I missed Dina.

Or if I am sad – because clearly, no one else can drum up that kind of drama.


Now on to those DC ladies.

I refused to start watching until the Jersey girls were gone.

And let’s not even talk about Top Chef. I am about 3 weeks behind on that thanks to LOST. But I am far enough in to know that Kenny – my personal fave from this season is gone.

And Bethenny’s done for another year…. Thank God for Facebook, so I can know all about what she is doing off camera.

And can I even say how much I miss Patty?

Hopefully, she’ll be back in my world soon.


Thanks, Bravo.

For making my tv viewing enjoyable with all sorts of not-real, real-life drama!

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slt said...

Oh Leah! We are one in the same when it comes to TV! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the above! AND...I cannot WAIT until Real Housewives of ATL starts...October 4th to be exact! So excited! Oh...and I'd want to be friends with Caroline...she means business!!!