Monday, August 2, 2010

Headband 10 bajillion points, Bobby Pins 0

Have you ever done something you almost immediately regretted?

I shouldn’t say immediately, I should say 24 hours later, you regretted….

As I mentioned on Friday, this weekend was our annual “Burris Beach Blast”, and I have to say, it was by far better and worse than last year. Better because we know what to do and how to have fun doing it. Worse because getting up at 5 am makes for ridiculous forgetfulness. As in like everything we were supposed to bring.

But I digress.

One thing I appreciate most about going to the beach is the fact that you absolutely, positively, never, ever, ever, ever have to fix your hair. Just slap it in a pony tail and go.

However, because I still have bangs, I still need something to hold them back.

And because I lost my beach headband, I had to use bobby pins.

And a moment of silence to allow this to sink in….

Do you know what happens when you wear bobby pins in your hair?

99.9% of the time you end up with something called a part.

And do you know what happens to a part while you are at the beach?

Maybe I will take a picture and show you what it looks like when I have time.... (Time, what's time?! I don't have any time!)

In closing can I just say, how is it that the only portion of my body that got ANY sun whatsoever was 2 tiny strips of skin on the top of my head? REALLY?

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