Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ask and you shall receive, albeit way later than you expected, but eventually….

I always find it interesting to look back and see how God was working so hard when we weren't even aware of it.

Let me explain.

Several years ago, Techy and I were young newlyweds.

Techy had only recently joined a new church and I had only just moved to Delaware.

We knew no one. NO.ONE.

Coming from a relatively small town in Virginia, a small church, and a very rural environment, I was a bit out of my element.

As in, Oh-no-I-have-left-suburban-America-as-I-know-it


joined the ranks of Delaware—as-close-to-urbanism-as-I-have-ever-been.

As in, I went from knowing everyone at our local police department, teaching Sunday school, squeezing people in, to having approximately 2 girl friends and a new husband to talk to.

From Techy’s side of things, he was in a new apartment with new bills, a lonely new wife, and a very sick mother to help take care of.


He was very stingy with his time. We were newlywed’s after all.

And there was his sick mother….

So when I mentioned the fact that I was thinking of getting involved in a ministry at church, he kinda rolled his eyes at me.

But I did. I was desperate to meet new people and get involved again.

And then there was the next ministry opportunity that presented itself.

Somewhere around this time was when Techy decided that he wanted to get involved at church too.

He emailed people, he wrote people, he called people. Nada.

He specifically wanted to be on the AV Team at church, because well, hey, he knew a little something about that technology stuff….

Literally, people, he went round and round for a good year. Never heard a word. Apparently, he didn’t know the right people.

Eventually, he just decided it was time to get involved somewhere.

I had been in student ministry, working with Middle School girls for about a year and a half at that point.

So Techy joined student ministry.

Working with Middle School Boys.  God bless him.

One thing led to another – ministry opportunities do that – and eventually I ended up on a retreat with our college students. 8 months pregnant.

Dressed as a deviled egg - there aren’t many options for a pregnant Halloween costume without showing a whole heckuvalot of stretchmarks.

Anyway, on this retreat, I got the opportunity to get to know some pretty great people.

One of which was apparently Mrs. Right-people.

This past Sunday, after 4 years of waiting for the opportunity, Techy got to help out the AV team. He likes to make it sound like it was a lot to handle with all the other ministries he is now involved in, but deep down inside, I know the little boy inside was jumping for joy.

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Debbie Lovette said...

Katy is Mrs. Right, for sure! I'm just Joe's wife!