Monday, August 2, 2010

Well, Bust my buttons!

I may have failed my workout goals for last week, BUT that doesn't mean there is nothing to be proud of.

Yesterday, while I was getting ready for church, I decided to pull out the trusty little size 12 khaki skirt that has been waiting patiently in my closet since last November when my sister and I went outlet shopping together. That's right, I shopped for post-partum clothes while still partum. Yeah, you really shouldn't do that. At the time, I planned to be back in a size 12 much sooner than I actually was. Don't know what I was thinking....

But anyway, I pulled it out and pulled it on. And managed to get it buttoned and zipped without any squeezing or tucking or lying on the bed with Techy standing on my stomach.

I officially fit into a size 12. Comfortably. That's only 2 sizes a way from my pre-prego size. Pretty good considering when I came home from the hospital, I couldn't even fit into a 16.

Also, I have suspicions that certain arms have shrunken ever so slightly in size. I can't confirm this suspicion yet, but I plan to as soon as possible.

This week's goals are just to get through at least 5 hours of workouts. Last week I made 3.5 hrs of ridiculous workouts and 30 minutes of another lighter one.

Hopefully, this week I will be strong enough to push myself to the goal.

Next weigh in is on Friday. Wish me luck.

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