Thursday, August 19, 2010

Squeegy-eye Strikes Again

By now you know about my weird quirks right?

You know that I am carrying around about a ton of baby weight.

You know that I am ob.sessed with the way I look.

Even though I don't paint my toenails regularly.

But, did you know that I regularly experience something I like to refer to as Squeegy-Eye?

(The phenomenon wherein one of my eyes looks 2x the size of the other.)

It shows up in approximately half of all the photos I take.

Oh wait, that's not a crazy eye, that's my crazy hair.

Back to the eye...

It bugs the puddin out of me!

I can't shake it.

And now, it's back to ruin photos with my kiddo.


ceejus said...

Your eyes look like they are exactly the same size in all of these to me...

But that's probably because my mind compensates for artistic depth. Because unless the camera is totally parallel to the primary plane of your face, you're at an angle to the camera. And the eye in the foreground will appear to be bigger in a 2-dimensional way...even though it isn't.

Bottom line: you're crazy. Stop obsessing over a problem that doesn't exist!

Ang said...

I have that too!!!!
But I don't see it in half the pictures you posted...