Friday, August 27, 2010

Helpful How-to Time: U-Turning is not just for dummies

I live in a small development off of a large road. 

The layout is a little something like this:

Where the minor street would be the street into my development. 

And in order to get anywhere on the major street, I have to make U-turns.  Daily U-turns.
I am always amazed by how many people don't know the correct way to make U-turns. 

Do you know how to make a U-turn properly?

I will admit that I didn't.  I had been the queen of u-turn idiots for years. 

And then someone showed me how it should be done and explained to me why.

When approaching a u-turn intersection, did you know you are supposed to move through your u-turn on the far side as opposed to the inside of the turn? 

Apparently, there are MILLIONS out there who don't know that. 
Believe me, I deal with them almost daily.

And 99.9% of them are in ginormous pick-up trucks that you absolutely CANNOT see around.

The reason you are supposed to move to the far side of the intersection is to allow both cars in the intersection, the most clear view of the traffic they are attempting to turn into.

(You would follow the red line in this diagram.  The green line would be acceptable ONLY if no other cars are in the intersection)

Let me give you a scenario of what happens when you try to follow the green line when another car is in the intersection.

The other car cannot see the traffic coming behind you.  Therefore, if the other driver happens to be a crazy, curly-haired red-head you may experience some of the following experiences.

1.  Random horn-honking and what you can only determine to be cat-calls from said other driver.
2.  Very unladylike displays of frustration that you clearly will not understand.
3.  Other driver may position their vehicle directly in front of yours so that you cannot move.
4.  Other driver may ram your vehicle with hers, if she is in a bad enough mood.
5.  Other driver may park her vehicle, walk over to yours, and explain to you the CORRECT way to accomplish a u-turn.

Consider yourself educated.

And warned.

Have a happy day! 

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