Friday, August 6, 2010

Momentary Insanity

Thanks for day after day, continuing to listen to me rant about my obsessions with perfection. From my baby to my weight to my house….

I am a perfectionist through and through. With a ridiculous pension for punctuality that makes me count seconds and minutes with precision. I am a wife, a mommy, a worker, a planner, a dreamer, a home owner (with the help of Techy – thanks, Honey!), a penny pincher, a coupon clipper, an exercise freak, a weight loss fanatic, a compulsive dieter, and a comfy shoe queen. And for some reason, I like to talk about it. But since I don’t ever want to talk on the phone again, this is the easiest way to get it out there. I LOVE blogging. And I LOVE the fact that a handful of people want to read my blog and find some enjoyment out of it.

Ok, now that the mushyness is out of the way, let me tell you what I really wanted to say today. Be excited about it for me....

You ready?

You sure?

Ok, ok...

I have lost my marbles.

This morning, Friday morning, (have I mentioned how much I LOVE Fridays?) I went to put on my favorite denim skirt (casual Fridays are the BESTEST! Enough to make me wanna do a high kick and a double fist bump at the same time. That's right I just brought the high kick afraid. Very afraid.) and realized that it is almost too big. Which is pretty awesome considering the fact that 2 months ago, I was squeezed into it like a sausage in a case, but whatev.

And then it happened.

Words left my mouth that I never thought I would ever say. Ever.

“Man, I am going to miss this skirt when I can’t fit into it anymore.”

Um, seriously? Have I LOST my mind? Oh yeah, I have. I already said that. Well, actually, I called it “marbles”, but what I meant was “mind”, but anyway….

What do you miss about a size 14 skirt when you can wear a size 12?

Nothing. For a normal person.

Yep, that’s it. I’m crazy. But I think you all knew that already.

Let’s pack it up and call it a day. We’re done here.

But, in case you wondered, our weigh in was today. And in the past 2 weeks, I have lost 1 lb. A little shy of my goal-2 lbs per week-but better than gaining a pound, so I will take it. Maybe next week will be a 4 lb. week. I am praying for it!

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Rachel said...

Your blog is awesome. I follow it fanatically, the way some people follow shows such as Housewives. ;)
In all seriousness, if I don't get to check it during the week I catch up on every new post on the weekend. Because it's wonderfully candid and relatable. And I'm now officially warned about a lot of pregancy/post-baby issues that make perfect sense but most women never mention. So, thanks for all your thoughts, honesty, and clever hints.