Thursday, August 5, 2010

Look out lion, there’s another King of the forest…

So, I have this dog. A very random dog.

Who has his very own girlfriend that he likes to sleep with on a regular basis.

Who likes to steal baby pillows and toys for his very own....

Who loves Techy more than he loves me, even though he was intended to be MY dog....

Who refuses to go out in the snow, so we have to dig him a tunnel lest he do his business on our floors.

(When I say we, I mean Techy. I don’t go out in the snow if sledding isn’t involved, and I think I mentioned that where I live is far too flat for sledding…)

Who has his very own chair in our house. And you better not sit in it, or move it. Because you may end up with dog in your lap.

Right now, his chair sits in front of the window in the office. And Gizmo sits in it every single day of his life. It’s where he watches the world go by. Literally.

Every morning before I leave for work, I go in and raise the blind over his window so he can watch over our back yard all day. Every night before I go to bed, I go in and lower the blind to force him to stop watching the yard and go to bed.

What can I say? I spoil my puppy. I don't mind. Really.

Lately, though, I have caught him doing something new.

Something far more cat-like, I think. A little more meow than bark.

Lately, I keep catching him lying on the back porch of our house overseeing his kingdom. Occasionally, he may bark at any random thing that catches his attention. Mostly though, he is just keeping watch.

For some unknown reason, when I got out of bed this morning at 5 am, Giz was trotting right along side of me and prancing around like he needed to go out.

After a few minutes waiting for him, I opened my back door to look for him only to find him lying there at the top of the porch steps, staring out into the still very dark morning.

Not sure what he thought he was going to see in the dark, but he was giving it all he had. And I totally had to entice him with the promise of "Go see daddy" (that's right, I have called Techy "daddy" to our dog for oh, like ever.... Go ahead. Ridicule me. I ridicule myself over it.)

I guess it's good to know, however, that we are safe from all those creatures he’s stalking in this little jungle of his.

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Kait said...

Awww! he is so cute and cuddly!!