Friday, August 13, 2010

Weight Update

Well, another week passed, another 5 hours of exercise in, another week of counting calories and crossing fingers.


I gained a pound.

That's right. I said GAINED.

After a week of blood, sweat and agonizing tears, I gained a pound.

After a week of running - that's right, I bumped it up to running - on my elliptical, I gained a pound.

After moving from 3 lb. weights to 5 lb. weights.... I gained a pound.

That being said, I have flittered through a range of emotions this morning.

From this:

To this:

And a little of this:

I won't lie. I am a little bitter. I am so jealous of all those women who don't have to work as hard to lose weight. I can't stand the fact that there are people who can eat whatever they want and never work out and still look just as skinny as a board. I envy those who have more than a half hour of time to dedicate to exercise. I hate the fact that my body clings to the fat like it's a full force life line of support.

Right now it would be so easy to give up and walk away. Just forget it. I don't care about this stupid weight let's eat, drink, and be merry! Let's lay on the couch and watch tv. Because this whole diet and exercising isn't getting me anywhere. Well, NOW it isn't getting me anywhere.

But, before you click away and say, "There she goes, on one of her Debby-downer kicks..." I am not giving up. I will take the weekend off of my diet, just like I do every weekend. And then come Monday, I will hit it hard again. And maybe next Friday I will have something to show for it, or maybe not.

I am edging ever closer to that December deadline for this massive weight loss challenge of mine, and it's getting more and more difficult to get the pounds off. But I will not give up!

I keep reminding myself that the real goal here is not and should not be a number, it's an overall health goal. I want to be healthy. I want to be in shape. And just because my wii still tells me I am obese does not mean that I am not getting closer and closer to good health.

So here's to next week's weight loss! Goal is to kick it to that 4 lb. goal! Maybe I will even try to run this weekend....

Wait, did I say RUN? On the weekend?

Yeah, that just isn't gonna happen....

But it sounds good, right?

Now, that's a laugh!


Lauren said...

It happens. Jillian says if you hit a plateau, eat 1800 - 2400 calories per day for two days, do some cardio, and then start over! I've also officially given UP weighing myself every week. I know it's not about the number, it's about being healthy. But it's sure as hades hard to remember that when you've worked so hard and nothing changes. But hey, we're getting there, right?! Slowly but surely! Miss size 12 (awesome!). ;) Congrats on all the progress. Have fun this weekend, and kick the scale. Literally. It'll feel great! ;)

Ang said...

MUSCLE!!!!! You said you upped the weights right? Try measuring instead of weighing. You're crafty I'm sure you have one of those crazy ruler thingys that tailors use...right?