Monday, August 16, 2010

Don't touch my tootsies!

Don’t you love these little talky-talky times we have together? I know I do. I get to tell you all about my random obsessions, my most embarrassing moment, my adorable child…you know. Just stuff.

Do you have a favorite candy? Cause I do.

Like a big time favorite.

If you know me, you know where this is going.

Meet my friend.

Mr. Tootsie Roll.

Mmm, I love....

I don't discriminate though.

I love this guy, too.

And these guys are welcome to any party I throw. ANY.TIME. ANY.WHERE.

Ever been to a party where Tootsie Rolls were served, only to go back and find the candy dish completely empty? Umm, yeah, I was probably there.

And I probably had enough of them to make one of these....

It's a love, love relationship we have....

1 comment:

kait said...

i loveeee tootsie rolls!! but i discriminate...i hate the flavor ones. ewwww!