Monday, August 9, 2010

It's not gambling if you are using someone else's money

It's the beginning to another busy week here in Peck-land. The fallout from last week's Love Your Neighbor Cooperative with our youth group every evening in addition to our weekend of out-of-towners has left our house in a bit of an uproar. Grass unmowed, hair uncut, toes-still-unpainted, laundry undone, dishes unwashed.... To say that we have some catching up to do is a little bit of an understatement.

But Techy and I did some reminiscing this weekend.

Have I ever mentioned my dear, sweet husband's slight obsession with gambling?

Since our early years, my hubby has been in love with scratch-off's. We would go to the gas station and he would buy 2 $1 scratch-offs. And then he was allowed to play with whatever money he won, unless or until he won big. (AS IF THAT EVER HAPPENED) Every Christmas, I fill his stocking with scratch-off and he doesn't stop smiling for a week. Scratch-off's make him uber happy.

Then a few years ago, when we went to Vegas he studied the in's and out's of the roulette wheel. After a few games, he walked away $60 richer. Admittedly that was far better than any money he ever won from a scratch off. He was in love. Kinda like my love affair with bedding. Admiration from afar. Usually, anyway.

Then, we stumbled upon a gimmick. The gimmick to beat all gimmicks. Our local racetrack started offering a promotion for joining their players club. A $100 promotion. The only catch was that you had to play for 30 minutes on your money before they would give you theirs. Then you play with their money and any of your winnings are yours.

And he was hooked.

We were hopping around to every casino within driving distance to hit up the free slot plays. And we made a little bit of money.

Techy was so sad when it was over. He moped for weeks. Months, even.

And then it happened. While I was on maternity leave, we discovered the magic that is GSN - Game Show Network - and a little game called Bingo Blitz. Allowing Techy to gamble for free - 5 days a week.

This morning he emailed me that he won 505 Oodles* from Bingo Blitzing last week.

And he's never been happier in his life.

*Apparently, Oodles are the cash of the future, or just of Game Show Network. Impressive, all the same, if you ask Techy.

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