Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Helpful How To: Greening the Place Up

I have a girlfriend who was complaining whining talking to me about her yard.

Also known as her "desert".

For which I have a remedy....
Because a long, long time ago (or maybe just 3 years ago...) we moved into this joint.

And we loved it.


It was our sanctuary.

Our abode.

Our home.

But it wasn't without it's trials.

No house is.

But in particular, we had a rock garden.

As seen here:

And here:

Apparently, a previous owner had had a relatively large above ground pool that was set on that rock bed. 

And after a couple months of watching the rocks grow weeds, we decided it was time to take some action.

So we relocated the rocks, thanks to a giant wheel barrow...

And when everything was said and done we were left with a dust patch....

And the weeds.

The same weeds, I might add, that you see here.


Now, I'll just tell you right now, we are chemical people.

I know, right?

Killing the world....

*hanging head in shame*

I really have no right to blog, considering my unclean-chemical-ness....

All that to say, that yes, we used some chemical lawn treatment to kill everything in that 10' by 8' patch of lawn.

Which, by the way, is bigger than some rooms in my house.

Are you thinking what I am thinking???

How big WAS this pool???

Apparently bigger than full bedrooms INSIDE the house....

But whatever....

Kill the weeds.

It's entirely necessary.

And you can choose to use chemicals if you want.  I won't judge you.

At this point, we were left with a 10 x 8 patch of deadness.

Step 2. Buy this stuff.

Apparently, it's powdered gold.

But it's worth every penny.

Because it's like high heels for your yard -

The transformation is almost immediate.

Within 2-3 days, we had grass growing.

Within a week, we had to mow.

Within 2 weeks, you could barely tell there had ever been a stone garden.

And today???

Well today, it looks like this....

Lush, green, annoyingly tall....

And it needs to be mowed again....

Any takers?!

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Ang said...

Well...I think "complaining" is a harsh word...I would have gone with "whining" or "discussing"...but whatever, you have creative license and all...

But, hopefully I can convince Gman to try that powdered gold :o)