Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dancing Queen

I may well be the worst dancer in history.

Rivalling even Elaine from Seinfeld.

I blame this on my background.

You know the Baptist in me that just won't quit.

And yet, I love to dance.  As in, boogie my face off all the time. 

This morning, while I was humming a tune and boogyin' in the shower, I had a faint rememberance of my first experience with dancing.

I was about 16.  (I know.  SO.LAME.)

I had been asked to help out at a wedding reception for a friend of mine.  She was Pentecostal....  And let me tell you, Pentecostals know how to PAR-TAY!  The sheltered little Baptist in me had never seen a reception the likes of this party.  E-V-A-H!

Once my job was done, I sat down at my assigned seat and started to enjoy my meal. 

And that's when it happened. 

The only other person between the ages of 7 and 27 in the room found me.

And asked me to dance.

I could have died.

Maybe because I was afraid my mother would find out. 

And maybe because I had never danced any more than in my bathroom while singing into a hairbrush.


Suffice it to say that I thoroughly embarrassed myself that day.

But I danced (poorly) alot. 

My one redeeming quality from that day was that I could hold my own on the karaoke machine.

Yes.  Amazingly classy fun with the karaoke machine at this wedding.

I happen to do an amazing imitation of Leann Rhimes.

Well, old school, teenage Leann Rhimes.  Yodelling and all.

I made my mark that day.

And fell in love with dancing.

And I will honestly attend any wedding just for the prospect of dancing.

I may or may not have gotten into a huge fight with my husband over it at a good friend's wedding.

And I may or may not have made him leave because of how heated it got.

Just to spice things up, I found this video taken at a wedding last year, that proves that even 9 months pregnant, I love dancing.

It may also prove that my skill is no better now than it was then.

It may also prove how much Techy secretly enjoys to dance to skeevy rap songs from the early 90's.

P.S.  Sick of the videos yet?


Anonymous said...

OMG...I'm still LMFAO...watching Techy makes my sides ache ;) I can see all of my black friends now shaking their heads at us white folks tryin' to dance...oh my! I've been known to break out at a few Christmas parties and then have to hear about it the next week at work ;)

Kait said...


Ang said...

Completely awesome!
Wow, Techy loves that camera, eh?

Carrie said...

Oh wow wow wow! So stinking funny!