Friday, November 19, 2010

Word Vomit

One of my finer, but more annoying characteristics is that I am a sharer. 

A helper.

I have eluded to it a bit on here.  (i.e., Helpful How-To's and My Honest Opinions came from SOMEWHERE, right?)

It's pretty annoying, I'm sure.

It usually goes something like this:

Complete Stranger: "Cute outfit."  Me: "Thanks!  I got it at Kohl's for $2.99.  Did you know they have a 30% off sale right now?  And I had a 20% coupon for using my Kohl's card.  Amazing deal!  You should go!"

Um, can you say, annoying?!?!

Friend:  "My inlaws are coming to town this weekend and we are planning to take them out to dinner."
Me:  "Oh how have you heard of (insert restaurant name)?  It's amazing.  When we went, I had steak and Techy had a Pasta dish.  Their hors d'oeuvres are delish!  And you can probably get a coupon online!  You will love it.  They will too!"

Borderline crazy.

Coworker:  "You look really skinny today."
Me:  "It's the jeans.  Did you know that these jeans hold in all the fat without squeezing you in 2?  They are Levi, you HAVE to try them.  I got them on sale for next to nothing.  I had a coupon."


Sister: "You're doing so good on your diet!"
Me: "It's just Weight Watchers.  Have you ever tried weight watchers?  It's amazing.  I can eat whatever I want and still stick to my diet.  I love it.  You should try it."

Hello?!?!!?!  More than slightly offensive.

I am dying inside.

Coming to this realization is so embarrassing to me.  But I generally think it has alot to do with wanting to share what I wish someone would share with me rather than being totally obnoxious. 

Of course, there's always the option of complete obnoxiousness....

It may be helpful to note that at this point, it's like word vomit...I can't stop it from coming out even if I wanted to. 

It also may be helpful to note that I, apparently, do not know how to take a complement.

So next time you see me, and I do this to you, please try not to get too offended.


Kait said...

JUST did this today. Got paint at Home Depot.
Nice paint mixing lady: Oh this is a pretty color.
Me: Yeah we just got a townhouse and my sons room is lime green, we're painting over it with this blue, and then going to make it an airplane theme....with clouds!

(long awkward pause)

Me: I don't usually buy paint.

Ang said...

I feel your pain! When someone has a story to share I constantly want to tell them my own story. I am refraining right now and it's very very hard..

Carrie said...

There with you!!! I often walk away from a conversation going....I really should have listened more! I blame the kids. I only speak to them all day, when I get out of the house or when I get to speak to an out!!

Roberta said...

I do the same thing...don't take compliments well at all. I think it stems from my mom...cause we were always taught that being vain was bad. Which makes it very hard to grow up being comfortable in your own skin!