Monday, November 8, 2010

A Runner's Worst Nightmare...

It's a dirty little 4 letter word that scares the crap out of me.


And for some reason, I just realized it can and (if last year is any indication) most likely WILL happen. 

And it's getting closer every day.

Meanwhile, I am just picking up my running steam. 

Barely getting the wind under my sails.

Just in time to be slapped back on my rear end in front of the TV watching "Biggest Loser" and being so depressed that I don't even want to move.

I heard you.  Yes, you in the back.  I heard you.

And your remark about the treadmill.

And yes, I do have one. 

But it I am pretty sure it is possessed.

As in, I'm be-bopping along at a steady 5.0 pace and next thing you know, the creature from you-know-where machine speeds up to 8.9 and I go flying into my basement wall like rubber bands flew in my 8th grade geometry class. 

If that isn't enough for you, just about the time I catch up to the speed and figure out that I actually can run at 8.9 mph speeds, it slows down to a 2.2 and I feel like I am stuck behind a granny at the mall. 

So yeah.

My treadmill.

Pretty much useless.

Looks like I will either be bribing begging Santa, or I will be hitting up Craigslist yet again....

You know, if I ever want to see my size 8's again....


Kait said...

Uggh, I know! Just when I started getting steam, I got sick, and can't shake this stupid cold!

Bahahahhahahah about your treadmill, laughing at the story, not at the fact that the treadmill is possessed. I swear!

ceejus said...

Why are your posts showing up on both of your blogs...?

I actually didn't mind running during snowcapocalypse earlier this year. There might be a day or two of no running, but plows come through and after they did, we just ran in the middle of the street. People weren't driving anywhere so it wasn't an issue. And I think concentrating on where I was stepping (to avoid ice patches) actually improved my form in a way.

Bottom line: it's not the end of the world. You can totes handle it. Totes.

Roberta said...

Sorry...I'd feel for ya...but I can't reach ;) You see...I just hate exercise and especially all machines! I used to be a controller for a company that ran 48 was the job from hell...and I was in hell for over 6 years. If I never see another water bottle, pair of sneaks or sweats will be too soon! I'd rather commiserate with you any day than exercise with HOPE we can still be friends ;) Ha! ha! Just giving you a hard time...cause I know that exercise is a necessary evil...I'm on the SEXercise program it ;)