Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Blog Bust

I make alot of empty promises....

Like the ones about halloween socks and weekend blogging....

I have alot of grand thoughts and notions.

But I lack follow through.

I blame time.

There are just not enough hours in the day.

Only this weekend, I can't really complain because I got an EXTRA hour this weekend, and stilll didn't manage to reach all my grand goals.

The things on my list that DID get accomplished this weekend:

I finally saw this little gem:

And cried my eyes out.  But loved it.  Every second of it. 

And I may have squeezed in a craft.

Or two...

I also may have cleaned out my closet:

Woah!  How did that get in there! 

I may or may not have showered on Saturday.  Which may or may not be the reason my ponytail has wings and feathers.

A trip to the outlets with my girls.

An impromptu weigh-in that resulted in another pound lost.

A (very slow) 2 mile run.

And I most definitely did SOME laundry.  No, not all.  But definitely some.

The things that did not get done:

Obviously, bloggy time.
Photo editting of Little Man's first Halloween.
ALL the laundry.
Healthy eating.
A quick 3 mile run.
Saving money.

I may not have been totally successful in my goals this weekend, but man, was it a good weekend!
If I do say so myself.

(And I do)


Kait said...

Ah I've been wanting to see Toy Story 3!

And whether I shower or not I alwaysssss have those flyaways, I'm constantly trying to keep them in check hahahaha!

Roberta said...

Love your wreaths...are you gonna share how you made them? Are they ribbons? Cause curious minds havta know ;)