Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shocking News

Not sure if you've heard or not, but I am perhaps the slowest runner in the history of running. 

Since I am meeting my friend Debber for lunch tomorrow, and tomorrow was previously scheduled to be my mid-week run, I rescheduled to today.

And I went home, armed with my Britney Spears that I just downloaded from Amazon for a song thanks to Frugal Girls, prepped to run.

And run I did.  I even added in a few loops that I don't normallly hit.

And headed home.

To discover that my time was dun, dun, dun...L-A-M-E, LAME!

As in 11.5 minute miles. 

As in I probably could have walked faster.

(or not, but still, very slow...)

Sure, I'm glad to have gotten it in, but really, was I THAT slow?

And distance? 

Only 2.38 and my knees were tired.  Not sore - TIRED.

Perhaps this is what happens when I don't allow as many days between runs as I have been.

Either way, this is puny considering all my girls just finished 13.2. 

I gotta find a better way to push myself.

For now, I am blaming it on Britney. 

She may be "Stronger than yesterday", but she isn't fast enough to speed me up.  I need some Ke$ha pushing me. 

Next run = Pandora or bust.

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