Monday, November 29, 2010

Sweet Shutterfly...bum bum bum...good times never seemed so good!

For all those avid bloggers out there, here's a promo you just can't miss.

My friend, Roberta, made sure that I didn't miss it

And since I am nice, sweet, humble, the-best-friend-you-will-ever-have, euphoric over my Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, possibly feverish from THE BUG, etc., I am sharing it with you.

Ever used Shutterfly?

I may have.

Just a time or 2 bazillion.

And this year, I have been daydreaming about sending out Christmas cards like no other year ever.

You know. 

The photo cards.

The ones that ensure that my shining face will be seen on someone else's fridge for years to come because no one can stand to throw a photo away. 

(I litterally have photo cards from like 3 years ago on my fridge...seriously.  3 YEARS, people!  It's time to LET GO!)

But seriously, Shutterfly has some of the stinking cutest cards ever! 


If I change my name to Henshaw, can I make this my Christmas card?  Pretty please?

Or maybe Hager for this card???

I love all things Chartreuse.  ALL.THINGS.
And can I even talk about how easy their gift tags would make my life?

I have been known to have "a thing" for Mister Penguin and Beary Merry this time of year.

It's a big problem.

And I might just have to have them. 

Techy will understand, right?


So, once Christmas themed ideas are used up, how about a birthday???
i.e., That Little Man in my life whose birthday is quickly approaching???

i.e., The one who will forever hate me for delivering him 3 days after Christmas?

Yeah, you can expect to see one of their personalized invites in your mailbox soon.  (Hopefully.  IF I can get my act together soon...)

Blue Star...UH-dorbs!

Pop Blocks Blue  (um, YES, please!)

Betcha can't tell what mommy's favorite colors are???

Or maybe what colors I like to see Little Man framed in....

Just saying.

Now, just to top it off, did you know that if you have a blog, Shutterfly (i.e., the most amazing company ever) is willing to give you 50 free Christmas cards?

That's right.

Just follow this link, sign up, and get ready to order your faves!!!!

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Roberta said...

Oh my coupon code today for my 50 FREE CARDS and I will be ordering my cards tomorrow...I'm doing the happy dance. Just too turd tonight to work on them...don't need typos sprinkled on my Christmas Cheer! Glad to see that you've recoved from Black Friday and Cyber Monday is officially over Talk to you soon. Fondly, Roberta