Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Helpful How-To: Dealing with the Man Sickness

If you recall, earlier in the week, I posted about a certain someone's bout with Man-Sickness.

Thankfully, my friend, Ceej provided her 2 cents worth....

I promise, you'll get a laugh.  Especially if you are a female with a male in your life.

After having been married for nearly 5 years,

And after having observed Techy being sick all of 4 times in 5 years,

I have learned that he doesn't cope well with being sick. 

After having talked to several of my friends, most the males in their lives don't cope well either.

And since we are only on the brink of Cold and Flu season, I figured I would provide you with some helpful hints for dealing with someone suffering from Man-Sickness

1.  Coping is the name of YOUR game. 
The idea here is to get through it without hurting anyone.  I would recommend carrying around a pillow to scream into, if necessary. 

2.  Be as nice as possible to the sicky.
There is nothing worse than a sick man.  Except perhaps an UPSET sick man.  Remember the golden rule, Treat him as you would want to be treated.  (Even though, you and I both know that there is no chance that he will clean up your sick messes once it's your turn.)  Remember the goal is just to survive the man-sickness. 

3.  Whatever you do, DO NOT give that man a bell.
And you probably shouldn’t be calling him bunny either.  This is for the sake of your own sanity.  You should probably take away all mobile devices as well.  As in the case of my 2 dozen texts in 30 minutes or less.  It’s just safer for you, and safer for him. 

4.  Keep your distance.

The last thing you want to do is to catch Man-Sickness!  If it is necessary for you to sleep on an mattress in YOUR baby room, then so be it.  If you need to carry one of these around

Then, so be it.   You will thank yourself in the end!

5.  Try to love him anyway.

Believe it or not, he has no idea how pitiful, miserable, and difficult he is being.  In a few days, he WILL return to his normal, wonderful, handsome, loveable self.  And you may still have your sanity.

In the meantime, be strong, be brave, and be ready!

See ya!

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