Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Honest Opinion:

Be thankful, very thankful.

I was thisclose to doling out my honest opinion about yet another hair removal product.

But since I have lost enough readers to my hair removal woes, I thought it was probably time to move on.  At least long enough for you to forget this.  Or this.

As a means of diversion, I want to talk about $MONEY$.

Or yet another means of saving you money.

Do you shop online?

Like EVER?

Evah, evah?

Sorry, Miss Jackson...

So sorry about that.

It just takes over when I'm least expecting it.

Anyway, do you ever shop online?

I do.

Like all.the.time.

Because I hate going shopping with PEOPLE.

And crowds.

And parking at the back of the parking lot.

Unless it's at Wal-mart, where I go in anticipation of seeing one of these, who apparently roam the aisles on a regular basis:

(Credit for these pics go directly to the People of Wal-Mart Emails that I get every month)

And that would just MAKE MY DAY!!!!

But back to what I was saying,

I love to shop online.

And I love websites that help me shop online. is one of those. 

They post amazing deals

I would be lying if I said that I don't check their site multiple times per week.

(Don't tell Techy, but I have gotten some AMAZING deals from

But the real reason for my post is that they have something this year that I am so excited about, I could croak!

This week, I found out from their Facebook page, that their TGI Black Friday site has actually released an app that I can use on BLACK FRIDAY!

Have I mentioned how much I love BLACK FRIDAY!?!?!!?!

Or the fact that I happen to know that it is only 22 days away?

Or the fact that I am already recruiting for babysitters?

Sorry, Miss Jackson!

Back on topic....

So, being the frugalista that I am, I downloaded the app and played around with it.

And do you know, if you have an iPhone, an iPod, or an iPad, you can use it to make your Black Friday shopping lists?

Oh be still, my giddy little heart!

Here's where I warn you that if you see me with my iPad in hand, desperately checking boxes and marking items, you probably shouldn't disturb the serious business that is going on.

In the meantime, take a minute or two to check out the deals that is posting today, tomorrow, and every day.  That way when you hear that I got something for $.69 with free shipping, you can reply with, "Me TOO!!!"

*Note: Can you believe that I am not getting any compensation for posting my amazing opinions?  Not one single one.  Although, I will say that since Techy knows some of the guys at, I may have received an occasional free tee shirt or coupons from them.  But that was long before this post and has done absolutely NOTHING to sway my opinion.  I really just like their site, and I really use it all the time, and I really recommend it to all my friends.  You can thank me later.


Roberta said...

Enjoyed reading about your shaving escapades ;) I'm the opposite...I don't care for on-line shopping AT Hate having to return things and the shipping charges when they do apply and the waste of all the packaging products. But I each his own and I wish you the best on Black Friday ;) Fondly, Roberta

Kait said...

I pinky swear to not disturb you until you are done checking all your boxes on your iPad. And if I do, "I'll apologize a trillion times"

Bahahh couldn't resist!

Sorry, Miss Jackson!

Ahem, now onto