Thursday, March 10, 2011

Helpful How-To: Dealing with the Bug WITH a Baby

It's my worst nightmare.

Come true.

My baby vomitting.

I have an aversion to puke.

It may or may not have to do with too many episodes of "You Can't Do That On Television"

I also have a ridiculous fear of green slime.

Which I attribute to too much Double Dare.

My parents let me watch far too much Nickelodeon as a kid....

But this isn't about's about my kid...puking.

And my fear of it happening....

All over his blankets.

All over his bed.

All over his clothes.

All over everything.



Don't deny it.

You know it scares you too.

Shakes you to your core, even...

Wanna know how I handled it?

Surprisingly well.

But I also got surprisingly lucky.

He only did it once in bed.

But I was prepared for a night full of it.

Still wanna know how I handled it?

I seriously thought this one through. 

Cause there is no way I want him missing out on sleep any more than I am.

I have been waiting for the bug for months. 

I have had a pile of emergency items set aside for months.

Because I knew it was eventually gonna hit.

1.  Back Up PJ's - I had at least 3 changes of PJ's in case the storm hit.
2.  Back Up Sheets - I had at least 3 extra sheets clean and ready for his bed.
3.  Back Up Blankets - Because a back up sheet wouldn't be the same without a back up blanket
4.  Extra Bottle and Pedialyte - to help him wash away the post-puke sore throat
5.  The Pack N Play - with PNP sheets/blankets.  So that I could quickly change him, lay him back down, without all the drama of wondering where to put him while I changed the crib sheet. 
6.  Wipes.  Duh....
7.  Hand Sanitizer.  Since it's in the baby's room, I try to keep the non-alcohol kind.
8.  Lysol.  Again, duh....
9.  Bath Towel/wash cloths to clean/cool, soothe, etc.

Things I didn't have, but probably should have/will have next time...
1. A trash bag.
2. Clorox Anywhere.
3.  Paper Towels (although wipes work just fine)

After the first puke session, I figured out that it was much easier to clean the pack n play than change the crib sheet.  And from then on, he was in the pack n play until he was well.

Ah, total puke-bug game-changer! 

Kinda like when they voted out Russell on Episode 3 of Survivor.

Game DOT Changer.

And the kid still slept.

And always had a place to lay down when or if I needed to change a sheet.

Let's just be honest, is this post loaded with words of wisdom? 

Obviously not....

It is loaded with Lifechanging puke bug awareness?

I'll leave it up to you to decide.

You may not appreciate this now...but when the bug is going around your kid's school, I guarantee you, you will start thinking back....

You can thank me then....

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tracey :) said...

hey there...word of the wise... a friend told me to do mutiple layers of crib sheets & oh...what are those thingies called... the heavy duty things under sheets... i would have 6 or 7 layers at ALL TIMES!!! literally!! i had 2 reflux kids... that LOVED TO PUKE at night... so... when they did... i would pick up... & just take one or 2 sheets off depending how many they puked thru & laid back down!! works wonders... try it.. you will thank me later...
sorry about the little man...that stinks!!