Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In #20

I think I may have mentioned at this point that I am mostly satisfied with my weight-loss at this point.

I haven't reached any of my goals, but I am finally ok with that.

Apparently THAT is the secret to weight-loss.

Because this makes my 3rd week in the 130's.

And I am REALLY ok with that.

Again, it's not even a full pound.

Only .8 since last week.

But hey, we all know what the alternative is, right?

And I will take this one anyday! 

Because this...

This puts me 1.6 pounds away from pre-preggo.

And 3.6 away from my goal.

And that's close enough for me.

Especially considering my 4.72 mile run the other night all the way across town. 

I can't believe that I am strong enough to do that. 

And if being strong enough to do that means being 3.6 lbs away from my goal, I am ok with that.

Really, really ok with that.

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Roberta said...

Some days (alot lately ;) I just hate the scale...but if we don't use it then before you know it we up a whole size...yuk! And you are right...losing anything is better than gaining. It's just hard when you plateau and seems like you can't budge that scale for nothing. btw...LOVE you new banner photo...nice ;)