Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February: The Month in Mileage


This is big peeps. 

I logged 34 miles during the month of February.

Which is pretty almost invisible when you consider that Happy Runner logged more than double that.

But for me, the month of February was huge.

The most mileage in a single month since I started running in September.

(Stats from Dailymile.com)

The breakdown goes a little something like this:

2/1   -  2.6 miles in 28 min.  10:34 pace
2/4   -  2.6 miles in 24 min. 9:21 pace
2/10 -  2.6 miles in 25 min. 9:43 pace
2/12 -  5.3 miles in 55 min. 10:19 pace
2/14 - 3.17 miles in  33 min. 10:15 pace
2/17 - 3.03 miles in 30 min. 9:46 pace
2/20 - 6.4 miles in 1:04 min. 10:04 pace
2/24 - 2.6 miles in 26 min. 10:01 pace
2/27 - 5.2 miles in 51 min. 9:51 pace

Here's a big HOLLA to finishing strong with that last run!

I am so excited to see my progress, not to mention how much I actually enjoy the sport! 

And this week happens to be race week.

Our 5 miler is this weekend.

Meaning that I am going to keep my running to a minimum during the week.

And rest my legs for the big day.

Hoping to hit 3 miles today and then another 2.5-3 on Thursday and then nothing until our race on Sunday. 

Here's where you pro's come in. 

Do you think that's still too much running before a race?  Is 3 days enough rest time before the race?

What else should I be careful of?

Yes, I realize it's only 5 miles, but I want to beat some personal records here and the only way I am going to is by taking care of myself.

As always, feedback is happily received!

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