Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Running Update

Some of you may feel that I have abandoned my running posts of late.

But that doesn't mean I am not running.

I just haven't had time to talk about it.

Much to my chagrin.

That's right.  I pulled the "impressive word of the day" card....

Admittedly, last week was rough after trying to recoup from the pukes.

But I managed to get 10 miles in....

Which is my latest goal....

Wednesday was 4.72 around an area that is considerably more hilly than my normal territory.

Considering how many times we had to stop for traffic, this time really wasn't that bad....

But then Sunday's run....

I don't know what happened to me.

If it was being too hot or the time change or what. 

But 4.5 hit and I slowed down like a slug in a snow storm.

I didn't even manage to hit my goal of 6.

I barely made 5.9.

But it looks like things are turning around a bit.

'Cause here was today's run: 

3.03 in 29:37. 


People, I have reached new grounds! 

I can push myself.


You see, I've hit this pace before....

Actually, the last time I ran it.

On February 17.

But I ran with my friend Kaci, who is pretty much the fastest person I know. 

And who pretty much slowed down to run "fast" with me.

I call that progress, people!


All by myself.



Sorry, anytime I start typing one word sentences, my brain takes me there.


Just don't want you to forget.

But my goals for this week are at least 2.6 on Thursday and then 7 on Saturday/Sunday.

I gotta get cracking if I am going to make that 3 day challenge!!!!

So, who's with me!?!

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