Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Well, the unavoidable happened.

Sunday night, I came down with the bug.

There really is nothing like sleeping on your bathroom floor to keep you humble.

And awake.

And give you a horribly sore back.

And there is really nothing like having an untimely stomach bug to throw you off your game completely.

I totally know what he meant...

Had it not been for this dude taking such good care of me, who's to say where my sanity would be today.

I love him...I really, really do.


Roberta said...

Hope you feel better soon Leah ;) I had a bout of it last week as well and it kept me ON the thrown. I ended up propping a pillow on the sink and tried to catch some sleep...sitting up on the thrown and laying my head sideways on the sink...talk about a sore neck and back ;p

Cortney said...

Ah, that is crappy (pun intended). But may I just say that the photo of you and your husband is beautiful!