Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Pull"ing Me in Other Directions

Disclaimer:  Welcome to "Pun Day" here on ye olde blogge.  The day where I use as many stupid puns as possible. 

With all the love our breakfast nook is getting these days, it's only natural for me to crave some beautifying in other areas of my house as well.

Namely my hideous kitchen.

Ok, ok, ok.  It's not SOOOOOO hideous.

But as a homeowner, there are certain things that bother me that no one else would ever even notice.

And one of those things is my nasty drawer pulls.

The previous owners had the original sassy brassy drawer pulls...

But, in good taste and good cents (pun intended) they spray painted them.

Sound familiar?

But I am over it.

Further over than Donald Trump's comb-over.


More over than Sunny and Cher?


More over it than the Cow is over the moon?

Heh...guess the "Goodnight Moon" reference is lost on you folks.

But you get it.


Because I read blogs?

And look at magazines?

And watch HGTV?
And happen to hate seeing the paint chip off of my current pulls?

And I happen to be obsessed with these babies.

And imagining them in my kitchen....

Looking something like this....

Does funny things to my insides....

Or maybe that's just gas....

All the same, I want them.

And I want them now.

Too bad the nook has taken up most of our extra $$ these days....

Guess I will just have to start saving my pennies....

Until I can stop fantasizing about drawer pulls....

That's what she said!

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Charlie Peck said...

When are we getting hardware put in for the last drawer in Connor's bathroom??? -Techy