Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Honest Opinion: Video Monitors

Way back before I was a mommy, I thought about being a mommy.

I took classes to prep me for being a mommy.

I read books about being a mommy.

I talked to all my friends who were mommies. 

And then the big day came. 

The day when I REGISTERED to be a mommy. 

As in, I showed up at the big purple store

You know the one:

And pranced through the aisles scanning everything that came within 2 feet of me. 

That was also the day that I determined which team I would be playing for as far as baby monitors are concerned.

What's that?  You didn't know there were teams?


Welcome to 2010...Teams for everything!

Allow me to explain

1.  Team Edward 

High end. Top knotch. Easy to fall in love with. Obvious best choice. 

Also known as the video monitor.

Allows you to see and hear your baby. Some come in color. Almost all of them have night vision.

Allowing mommy to rest easy, knowing that security is just a glance away.

2. Team Jacob
Reliable.  Secure.  Makes sense.  But something just doesn't feel right.

Also known as the Angel Baby Sound and Movement Monitor.

The Angel Baby monitor senses every slight movement, including those caused by breathing, and sounds an alarm if 20 seconds lapse with no movement. 

Sounds great.  But the first time the batteries start to die and the alarm goes off, who is going to clean up the mess I make?

And finally,

3. Team Charlie

Old school.  Reliable.  Works hard for the money.  Secure enough.

AKA - the simple sound-sensing monitor.

Lets face it, Team Charlie has been getting people into alot less trouble for years now. 

Keeping babies safe and mommies calm for generations even.

Better?  Worse?  Who's to say? 

I will tell you this, I have a "Team Charlie" that I keep in my family room, just in case. 

Works fine. 

Is it my preference?  No, but let's face it, is Charlie Swan anyone's preference? 

Um, no.  Why, because he doesn't sparkle in the sunlight or take his shirt off all the time, er, I mean, isn't visually and alarmingly stimulating. 

But safe?  Probably.
So, there's my opinion. 

Bet you didn't realize registering for a baby monitor would be such a life changing experience, huh? 


Kait said...

I'm Team Charlie! If I had the video monitor, I'd be up all night watching what funny things T does in his sleep...and if I had that mat, I'd have the same mess issue as you Leah! hahahha!

Ang said...

I would still have Team Charlie, if Team Edward had not been a gift :o)

It was a huge help though, when transitioning Jacoby to a toddler bed to know when he was out of bed and what he was up to....

AND since Aidan is such a wiggle worm, it's been great to see if he's awake (he wakes up so quietly) or if he's stuck in the corner or just fussing...

So, you don't really know how fab Team Edward is until you have it....I was always on Team Edward anyway...