Friday, October 29, 2010

Fuzzy Pumpkin

Ever heard of a "Fuzzy Pumpkin"?

Sounds like a cocktail to me.

I actually found one on my doorstep last night.

Apparently, this is what happens when you leave your pumpkin out through 2+ days of downpours followed by a 6 day heat wave.

And let me tell you.

Pulling it off the porch and putting it in a garbage bag is no savory feat.

However, I manned up and covered my hands in plastic bags, and yanked that thing off my porch.  Both parts.  Juicy pumpkin wine flowing everywhere.



The ugly task behind me, I realized something.

Here I am just a few days shy of Halloween, with no jolly/spooky pumpkin to greet my visitors.

So, I did what any normal, blog reading mommy would do.

I pulled out my craft paints, a can of spray paint, 2 jars, some construction paper, my modpodge and within an hour, I had these babies up and ready for Spookfest 2010.

Now, I totally stole the idea right from this post only instead of using tissue paper inside, I went with spray paint/craft paint. 

Don't be worried.  Frankenjar will be joining the little guys on my door step starting tonight.

And speaking of the Frank guy...

Have you seen this version?


Definitely the cutest one around...

If you ask me.

P.s. I am linking this post to Serenity Now's Weekend Bloggy Reading Party Weekend Bloggy Readingbecause even though I consider this post to be my best one (most humorous) from the week, this post has a craft AND Little Man, which, let's face it, draws the crowds far better than My Honest Opinion ever could!

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Kait said...

pumpkin - gross!
jars - brilliant!
frankenbaby - ahhijustwannacuddlehiscutelittleface!!!!!!