Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mismatched for a reason...

Ever seen one of those couples?

You know the ones.

The ones that just make you wonder…

How on earth did he/she get her/him?

Not to name any names but...

In my (pre-married) world it was always the gorgeous guy with the plain less than gorgeous girl. (Clearly, the opposite problem is going on in the pics above...)

And a little part of me died inside.

Like, why on earth was he with her?

A guy that hot should be with someone equally as hot. Or at the very least, ME.
But over the years, I have learned something.

Hot guys are usually not smart guys.

And smart lights me up way more than hot.

I went out with some “hot” guys in my time.

And usually about 2 seconds into the conversation I was bored.

I remember one specific “hot” guy who lacked originality to the extent that I almost forgot about him within a week.

Our conversations were about him. All.about.him.

Sadly, I don't even remember his name. . . Maybe Aaron?  Or Mike?  Or Jamie? 

Seriously forgettable.

But anyway, somewhere along the way, I grew up and realized something else.

Smart is way hotter than “hot”.

I could argue all the gorey details.

But really, how can you argue with this?

I love you, honey! 

Thank you so much for not being boring.

For being so wicked nerdy smart.

And for always making me laugh!

*It should be noted that I saw Katy Perry on Ellen and she said she just couldn't get enough of his sense of humor, which I clearly I understand, so yeah, I think I get her choice.  Even though it looks odd.

**It should also be noted that I in no way think of my hubby as anything less than steaming-up-the-windows/so-hot-in-here hot.  However, I would totally understand it if you didn't.  And let's keep it that way, cause I'm still a hands-off-my-man kinda girl.


Kait said...


Marilyn Manson could have the best sense of humor in the world, and you'd still have to PAY me to wake up to that face.....

Ang said...

You said "wicked"!!!