Wednesday, October 6, 2010

God Bless the Wrinkle Free

I may have mentioned a little something about shopping at my favorite store over the last few weeks.

What you don't know is that while I am a full time employee, a full time mommy and a full time wife, I don't have time to be a full time domestic goddess.

Meaning I rarely have time to use one of these.

Which is why when I find these on sale,
(go ahead.  click the link.  I need you to see the 4th point as well as that magical price!)

I do one of these

And when I have $40 worth of this in hand...

I end up looking like one of those women at the Running of the Brides (if you want to see what it's REALLY like, you need to check this link)

All to ensure that the only steaming I do is broccoli.

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