Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Helpful How-To:Christmas Shopping

The time has come, my friends. 

While the rest of blog-world is still talking about Halloween, I have moved on.

Because it is time.

What's that? 

How do I know that it's time?

I could give the classic mommy answer, "Because I said, so"

But I have an even better answer for you.

I know because I got this today:

Every year, I get this book.

And every year, when I get it, I light up like Paris Hilton with a purse full of pot, David Hasselhoff at a wedding with an open bar, a forest fire in the California hills, a kid with the 1992 Sears Book.   

I know, you're like, "Woah, wait!  I thought this was a tutorial!?"

And it is.  

The how to is this: 

Get your copy of the ABC Distributing Christmas book or start shopping it online here:

Dog ear every other page in the book, and if necessary write the names of the person who you want to purchase the item for on each page.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

Next step, place your order for all the discount "Christmas gifts".

And don't tell your hubby.

When it arrives, hide the box, explaining that it is important "Christmas gifts" that you got for an amazing deal and you don't want to ruin any surprises.

Then as new items magically appear around your house, just explain by saying that you have had these in a box somewhere. 

Not that I would ever do any of that. 


And you should know, that ABC Distributing is an awesome place to get your wrapping paper, bags, and Christmas cards.  Not to mention the way cool knick knacks you can't find anywhere else. 

My list is already long....

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