Monday, October 18, 2010

A "Yay" to the "Nay"s

A little over a year ago, back when I was preggo, Techy and I found out about a glitch in Little Man's system.

Apparently, his left kidney was slightly dilated.

It put us in a higher risk category, and we ended up going back multiple times for ultrasounds while I was pregnant, just to check the size of his left kidney.

The doctor's were very honest with us and provided every possible conclusion to the issue, but determined that there was no way of knowing anything for sure until Little Man's arrival. 

(In case you are interested in what the doctor's had to say it went something like this: 
1.  The issue is very common in boys, who tend to be somewhat lazy in utero and don't pee as often as they should.  The issue may resolve itself.
2.  The issue may cause the child to develop infections such as UTI's or Bladder Infections due to the back up of urine.  In which case, surgery may be necessary.
3. The issue may be due to another disorder that cannot be diagnosed until his arrival, including but not limited to downs syndrome.
4. The issue may resolve itself with time and growth. It may just be a slight abnormality that will resolve itself over time.)

Certainly, of all abnormalities that a child can have, this would be the one you would ask for. 

Nothing that a minor routine surgery can't fix. 

So we moved on. 

Not that we ever forgot about the issue. 

Especially after the little guy arrived. 

Then the doctor's visits began. 

Although he never appeared to suffer a problem from the abnormality, we followed our doctor's instructions and headed off to the specialist. 

Ultrasounds, doctor visits, more ultrasounds, more doctor get the idea.  And then the bills, bills, bills....

And here we are.

Today was our last visit. 

Not for a while.  Not for 6 months.  For EVAH.

For you see, today, after more prayer and worrying than a mommy of a kid with just a bum kidney should ever go through, we were advised that Little Man's kidney is no longer a "bum" but operating normally.

And our response?



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Carrie said...

Yay! Yay! A (huge) bright spot in your day! Praising the Lord with you for this! And praying for you with the previous post! Life can be SO overwhelming!!!