Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Helpful How-To: Personal Shopping Assistant Leah to the Rescue!

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a girl.

Who was married to a boy.

And lived in the middle of nowhere. (i.e., faraway land)

The boy she was married to, just happened to be a member of a very wealthy family.

Said girl, was not.

(Lucky her, right?)

However, looks can be deceiving.

I.e., Destination weddings in even farther away, much more exotic locations, with 4 weeks notice.

Wealthy family members = scary stress to the little girl who is not used to this roll…

(By the way, this little girl is not me. You should know that by now, but I thought I would clarify just to make sure…)

Wealthy family members also = more stress while gift shopping than Oprah experiences on one 2 week diet.

I mean real S-T-R-E-S-S stress.

I mean crying in the middle of Macy’s looking for a dress stress.

And recently she emailed this question to me…

So I've been shopping all morning for {the inlaws’} wedding gift. She doesn't like to cook. They like to socialize/drink. BUT she did say that they like to cook {together}... She is very Southern -likes to be pampered-likes brand names-type of girl. (um, aren’t we all!?) We are looking to spend around $100 or less....

Any ideas???


Have I mentioned how much I love giving advice?

On the note of advice-giving, you should probably not go crazy enough to let your husband take black mail pictures of you, while riding an adult tricycle in your slippers…. Just a thought.

But I digress…

The problem at hand?
What do you get the person who has everything?

The person who loves designers and doesn’t run away screaming from a pair of shoes that are expensive enough to pay for a year of daycare?

What would you have gotten Bethenny and Jason as a wedding gift, without breaking your own bank or growing a few gray hairs?

And my answer?

For the person who has everything, you can’t give them anything they really want that they cannot or will not get for themselves. It isn’t like you or I who sit around saving our pennies to order to buy that big ticket item. They want, they buy. Period.

I know, depressing, right?

But really, when budget shopping for someone with a flair for high end, here are some tips.

Remember something. High end, low end, the couple is newly wed. They are going to experience a lot of firsts in the next year. Highs and lows, just like you or I would. Chances are they are probably going to do things like hop out to the movies once or twice.  They might even hit up their favorite restaurant occasionally.  They may even enjoy a couples massage on Valentine's Day.  These are all things that you can contribute to.  Leaving them with a fond memory thanks to you.  These types of gifts show your thoughtfulness and care without making your money tree wither up and die. 

Of course, when I got married, I needed basics – a vacuum cleaner, dish towels, bake ware….  More often than not, these couples have usually been out on their own for a while and have a fully stocked home, only needing the things to help them settle in to their new life together.

So what are those things?

Try this on for size…

I think this would be my first choice. 
Because, let's face it, that little blue box could turn a paperclip into an amazing gift. 
And surprise, surprise, they have gifts that are reasonable!
But since I know you would rather peruse their site, than mine, I will just give you the link....
To those of you who are still with me and aren't making a wish list at Tiffany's, another excellent idea is embroidered linens...

Neiman Marcus actually sells these quite affordably and the monogramming is only $1.50, so yeah!

Or for the couple who enjoys a mixed drink together....

You could affordably pick up this gorgeous blender right here.

My personal favorite gifts are candles.  High end, luxurious candles.  And gorgeous candle sticks.  I don't mean Yankee Candles, although I love me some Yankee Candles, but the idea for a wedding gift should be something soothing, something romantic.  And I can think of nothing more romantic than candlelight.  Mmmmm.  Dinners, baths, other stuff.  Romance.  Get it?  And candles can be as affordable or as high end as you want.  The internet is laden with candle shops of every make and kind. 

And candlesticks...

Well, I found some gorgeous and somewhat affordable options at Tiffany's.

Yep, I am totally in love! 

All that being said, she made her purchase and is very happy with her choice.

She left me with these happy words of encouragement:

"YAY!! Thanks! You should become a personal shopping assistant. Thats how Kim Kardashian started and look how much Moolah she has! lol"

But I think we all know Kim Kardashian didn't make it big because of her bargain basement shopping...

Am I right?  Or am I right?

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Kait said...

This might be off topic, but you better be prepared for allll the decorating help i'm going to need for when I move. I figured I should warn you now. Haha!