Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When the Scale Doesn't Change

Tell me something,

What do YOU do when you work hard and don't see the results you want?

Do you pout?

Do you complain?

Do you give up?

Or do you just keep plugging along? 

I can tell you, it has been a ridiculous struggle for me. 

I have pouted.

I have cried.

I have complained.

But I haven't given up.

At this point, you could probably tell the nearest stranger every detail of my struggle.

I would be sorry for constantly blubbering about it, but I'm not. 

I am keeping myself accountable here, people!

It's a struggle.  I am not alone in it.  And I want to share with others who may or may not be struggling.

And here's where I am at.  So far, since my last weigh in (almost 2 weeks ago), I have only lost 1 lb.  (I guess it could have had something to do with that Crab Pretzel....).

However, 2 weeks ago, I bought my first size 12. 

And now it's too big.

Like falling off of me too big. 

Like the crotch is sitting at my knees too big. 

Can't say I am not upset by the wasted money, but other than that, you won't hear me complain!

If you are on FB, you probably saw my status this morning announcing that today I am wearing my first size 10 post-baby.  No shimmying required.  They are buttoned, snapped, and zipped.  And still comfy.  Not cutting me in 2.

And to that I say:

I am not there yet...but I am getting closer. 

And I am only 1 size away from my pre-pregnancy jeans.

I may not (yes, I am conceding that I probably won't) reach pre-pregnancy weight within the 1 year time frame I gave myself. 

(I am also giving allowance for the fact that I didn't really start working out until Little Man was 2 months old.)

Doesn't mean I am quitting.

Doesn't mean I won't reach my goal.

Just means I am slow.

"By perseverance the snail reached the ark." - Charles Spurgeon

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Kait said...

I know I tell you a million times a day, but your dedication is inspiring :)

Woop woop for size 10!! You are a perfect example of hard work paying off!!