Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jelly Belly

Since giving birth to the most adorable child ever created Little Man,

I have lost a total of 40.5 lbs. 

More than most of my friends even gained while pregnant.

But since I gained a little over 60 big ones, I (as you all know and are probably way sick of hearing about) have a ways to go. 

However, over the last few weeks I have seen a noticeable difference in my body.

My figure is starting to return.

With the exception of one area.

My belly.

So tell me, how does one go from this

Note:  This is not my belly.  My belly was/is much worse.  All credit for this photo goes here

To this

Without this happening?

Credit Still much better than my abs.

I am telling myself that if Cindy Crawford can't figure it out, then neither can I.

So why bother?

I think I will try to start a "Campaign for Real Bellies" and make stretch marks an "in" thing.

Who will join me?! 

I mean, really, if this is acceptable...

Then, this really should be!

1 comment:

Ang said...

HAHAHA!! Love it!
And I have the same problem with my stupid's just hanging would probably help if I actually worked out on a regular really need to check up on me so I can feel guilty about it