Friday, October 22, 2010

The "F" Word

How many times a day do you find yourself saying the "F" word?

If I am not saying it, I am probably thinking it.


What?  Why? 

You should know me pretty well by now. 

Oh, wait!  I see where we are going here...

Shame on you!

I am offended that you would ever even consider it a possibility for a southern lady such as myself to slip THAT "F" word.

No, I mean the other "F" word! 

I mean the one that has totally ruined our society with images of perfection that cannot be attained.

The F-A-T "F" word.

To be honest, I wish that I had read this article earlier in the week.  We could have made a total no-F-A-T party out of it.  Maybe I will consider my no-F-A-T week to start today.

I think that would be appropriate.

Want to join me?

Starting today through next Friday (and maybe the week after that, and the week after that) I am going to focus on everything but my fat. 

Instead of focusing on my thigh dimples, I am going to thank God that I have thighs that are strong enough to get me out of bed every morning.  Thighs that get me everywhere I want to go.  And thighs that have become strong enough to run 2.5 miles without burning or aching or hurting so much that I can't walk for 3 days.

Instead of focusing on the jelly belly, I am going to focus on the beautiful Little Man who had plenty of room to grow in there. 

Instead of focusing on the double digit size of my pants, I am going to be thankful that I just squeezed into my first size 10 (albeit, very uncomfortably, shimmying-squatting-not breathing-fit, but fit!) of the year and enjoy the fact that a size 12 is now VERY comfortable, after being in a 14 for almost 6 months. 

And I am going to enjoy the fact that my husband told me that the reason he hit me square in the middle of the chest in the middle of the night was because "you are so skinny these days that you disappear under the covers and I was checking to see if you were over there".

I am also going to be thankful that I am stronger than I have ever been, healthier than I have ever felt, and enjoying a crazy life with a couple of amazing men (by men, I am referring to Techy + Little Man + Gizmo - Don't be concerned.  There ain't no polygamy goin on up in here!) by my side.

Let it be noted, though, I am sure I will slip at least once this week.  And if you are there to witness it, feel free to treat me like I said the other "F" word.

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