Friday, October 1, 2010

The Squeeze - In More Ways Than One

Can you tell me...

Why on earth didn't I order the dress on Monday when I was planning to?

A few hours ago, when all the potential babysitters cancelled, it wasn't such a big deal.  But after finally finding someone who was willing to rearrange her entire Saturday to watch my child, it looks like I will be in attendance for the shin-dig as originally planned.

But now, I am left, dressless.

For the most complicated-to-dress-for-wedding-of-all-time. 

I mean, seriously, what does one wear to a wedding for a spouse's co-worker when you know that the entire day will be spent following said spouse around as he does the back-up photography gig? 

And then there is that 4 hour window of time between wedding and reception. 

Did you read that?

Go back and read it again.

4 hours. 

In Jersey.

With enough time between the 2 that I could drive home and back twice. 

Enough time that I could hit up the new Target at the mall at least once.

Enough time that I could run a half marathon {almost} twice. {You know, if I were able to run that distance.}


But instead, I will be stuck in Spanx, unable to breath, likely wrecking my new heels by sinking in the mud walking around a park and watching Techy ruin his perfectly good suit while he tries to capture the sun coming through "those flowers, just like that!" in a dress that I have yet to acquire. 

In a dress that I have no idea if it even exists.

Something dressy but casual.

Something classic, but comfy.

Something in my price range? 

I doubt it. 

Oh, and just to top it all off, the shoes won't even arrive on time.

Yep, looks like I'll be out shopping at 10 o'clock tonight for anything befitting the occasion.

Any suggestions?

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ceejus said...

Get a sundress on clearance and wear a cardigan over it. Wear wedges so you don't have heels sinking into the ground.