Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You were always on my mind...

I obsess.


About alot of things. 

Food.  Weight.  Family.  House-fixing-upping.  Crafting.

Techy also obsesses. 


Money.  Photography.  Technology.  Baby.  Money.  Vacation.  Money.

You get the idea. 

This weekend, during our adult alone time, what do you think we did with it?

I can tell you one thing. 

You would be surprised.

Our alone time consisted of talks about things that we obsess about enjoy.

Techy actually started a spreadsheet over dinner to discuss our life's savings and our goals for the next decade. 


All I wanted to talk about was running a 5k and losing weight. (Ironic, since I was eating my weight in that giant crab pretzel...)


We have to be the most boring people ever. 

However, we are also the only couple I know who are brave enough to snuggle on the same side of a booth even when no one else is with us.

Which probably wins us back a few points.

And it was kinda nice this weekend, until the couple across from us saw us do it and decided it would be cool for them to do the same. 

Thus cuddling on the opposite side of their booth.  You know.  The side that was FACING US.


May as well have just asked them to join our conversation since everytime I looked up they were THERE.

I was very tempted to stare at them.


I may have, a little.

Techy may have too.

Just saying.... 

They should have known what they were in for....

Betting they wished they had chosen to cuddle with their backs facing us instead of their faces...

But I digress. 

The real point of this post is that we (Techy and I - in case my references are a little fuzzy at this point) are strange people who enjoy thinking about strange things and focusing on them to the neglect of everything else around us, until we come up with a reasonable solution.

And somehow we managed to put our obsessing aside long enough to have a baby...

Who, also appears to already have his own obsessions...

Like buttons!

And things with wheels.

And anything that will roll.

And anything that he isn't supposed to touch.

So yeah...the obsession thing....

It's a vicious cycle!

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