Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tales from the Hunt

Do you know what it's like to come home to find no less than 12 State Troopers sitting outside your development?

And a police helicopter circling over it?

Neither do I. 

Because, somehow, with the child in my back seat screaming to get out of his carseat and on the move, I couldn't focus on the crowd.

Somehow I completely missed the fact that there was big stuff going down. 

That's not to say I didn't notice them. 

When I first noticed the wall of troopers, I was leaving the industrial park where I work. 

The entire way home, I thought, Oh geez.  Man.hunt. 

And I just knew where he was headed.  (I only work about a mile from where I live, and my house is practically a straight shot through the woods between the 2.) 

And the wall of troopers had been searching the woods in the direction of my house.

Normally, I would be totally on my guard and worried sick. 

But really, once I got that kid of mine in my car and then in my house, I completely forgot.  My doors were locked, the dog was there, but that's everyday.  Nothing new here.

After it was all over and the dozen or so officers had dragged the crazed-whoever-he-was out of the woods behind our development, my only thought was, had the bozo, who-was-so-buzzed-on-whatever-he-was-on, burst through my front door while I was dealing with the child who was then screaming to get out of his high chair so he could be on the move again, he wouldn't have known what hit him. 

Hell hath no fury...

In comparison to a mommy, who after a stressful day, has been listening to a whiny, tired, teething, hungry almost-toddler for too long.

He definitely found the easy way out of our development. 

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