Monday, October 11, 2010

The New Target...

After living in Delaware for almost 5 years and suffering through the agony of having to drive for almost 45 minutes one way, not to mention getting stuck in traffic just to get to our nearest Target store, my prayers have finally been answered.

Last week, our new Target opened. 

(That's right, we eve heard choirs of angels singing as we entered the doors)
Less than 15 minutes from my house and connected to our mall. 

It's a dream come true.

Possibly the most ingenious thing to ever happen to Christiana, Delaware.

We hit it early on Saturday morning. 

And when I say we, I mean Little Man, his favorite girls, and myself.

Have I mentioned how amazing it is to have babysitters who just hang with you on a regular basis?

And who are amazing sports and model all the $1 wear for your random blog pictures?

The adorable little pumpkin was actually $2, but still a wow for that price.

And can we talk about the baby formula????

This 40 oz. can was only $18.59.  With no sales tax. 

Which makes it an even better deal than Wal-Mart's Parent's Choice brand. 

I also snagged an adorable Halloween tee for Little Man and an "I love my mummy" bib.  Both for a buck.

I won't even start on the home decor I sweated all through the store.  Let's just say, I spotted a few items that I have only seen in blog-world heretofore.  And my pocketbook may never be the same.

To summarize, or in case you missed the point of my post, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Target. 

And I am very happy to open my arms and my car doors to relish it's happy goodness any day of the week.

Even better, I can't wait to enjoy their clearance section once they have been open long enough to have one.

Note: Techy, stop cringing.  It will be ok soon.  I promise the newness will wear off, eventually.

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