Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remarkable remarks....

Ummm, so did I mention that I am extremely new at this blogging thing?

I didn't promise to be good at it!

I just realized today that people actually have commented on my blog! I am popular! (Double fist pump combined with an amazing high kick in honor of my popularity!) I have waited all my life to have people follow me! Now there are 6 of you. AMAZING! I have really achieved something.

In case you haven't read the comments or weren't one of the ones to comment, don't feel bad. I completely understand. But so you know, people are clamoring for me to post a video when I get the Single Ladie's dance down pat, Techno Geek should be renamed either Dexter or Tknog33k, and the fist pump action should live on for as long as possible!

I am on top of the world.

In other news, tonight is bound to be a tragic evening. I have 3 boxes behind my desk to take home with me tonight. You may ask what I am planning to do with the boxes. You can't even imagine the sadness--I am boxing shoes. Either for disposal or for relocation to my attic. As difficult as it is to imagine that any girl would want to give up shoes, I have reached the absolute max that my closet will hold and I cannot justify taking closet space away from my unborn baby to house my shoes (most of which are high heels that I can't even wear right now--blast these stupid pregnancy hormones that cause everything on my body to swell!)

Don't cry for me, I am brave. If you feel bad, though, you could comment knowing that it will make me feel popular enough to wash away the tears!

By the way, I need to clear my conscience.... I didn't actually do that amazing high kick from earlier. I know, I know. I am sorry to have fooled you like that, but seriously, take a look at that belly and tell me how you think I am going to get my leg to go anywhere. No, didn't happen. Sorry about that.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your shoes. I feel like there should be a ceremony involved in their disposal? No? Hah!