Friday, November 6, 2009

A day in the life...

I had a really good idea for today's blog...I forgot it. Sorry. That's today in a nutshell. I have sticky notes all over my desk to help me remember everything that I want/need to do, but most of the time I forget to look at the sticky's and still forget.

Just so you don't walk away feeling empty-handed, my sister sent me this hilarious picture today. You probably won't find it as hilarious as we did....

She dated the picture by the articles of clothing. I dated the the picture by the size of those computer monitors...this is how I know that my Techno Geek is rubbing off on me. (But seriously, I think I wore both that blue dress and that striped black shirt some time in 6th grade...)

The picture took me back to a simpler time when computers were bigger than most office chairs and horizontal stripes were in style.

Thanks for the laugh, sis! I needed that!

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