Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Honest Opinion: The Help - Movie Version

We all know how much I loved reading The Help, right?

And, as always, I was a bit more than excited about seeing the movie.

And this past Sunday, I did.

With more people in tow than John and Kate when they went to Hawaii to renew their vows.

We were giddy.

We were exstatic.

We were armed with full rolls of toilet paper to douse our tears!

I mean, the story line is pretty much legendary.

And the cast was amazing.


The real question is...did the movie disappoint?

Was this another one of those cases of a less than amazing portrayal of an amazing storyline?

cough, cough...ahem...

I don't need to point any fingers, do I???

My point, OBVIOUSLY, is that this movie DID NOT disappoint.

Even though I had read the book.

And yes, despite the fact that they changed some minute details of the book for the movie.

All the important stuff was still there. 

And the changes made the story that much more movie-friendly.

Aibilene is still just as beautiful and courageous a soul as ever.

Minny is perfectly sass-mouthed.

Skeeter was exactly how I imagined her - right down to her "man shoes".

Constantine was more loveable than I could have ever dreamed.

Mrs. Walters was PERFECT. 

And Hilly was positively wretched.

If you haven't seen it yet, you need to.

But take your Kleenex, because if there is one thing I can promise you, it's that you won't leave the theatre with dry eyes.

But I promise that your heart will be warm, even while your eyes are wet.


Cortney said...

I went to go see it on Sunday too and I was very happy that it didn't disappoint. The one scene I was really looking forward to was the reveal of the 'dirty awful' and it was everything I had wanted it to be. You could tell who in the audience had read the book and who had not by the sound they made when it was revealed. The cast really as excellent and I couldn't imagine anyone else playing those roles. Maybe it's a Hollywood thing out here, but people tend to clap at the end of the movies here like they're watching live theater sometimes, and people clapped at the end of this one too. I might just have to go see it again this weekend.

tasmiley said...

i didnt finish reading the a slug like that, but YES.... i LOVED every minute of it... yes minny was awesome with her mouth & yes i think sissy spacek should win a supporting actress award!!! the scene with her coming out of the christmas benefit.....PRICELESS!!!! :) working with elderly with dementia on a daily basis...its soo true!!! :) but i LOVED every minute....& yes i would pay the $10.50 again to see it in the theater....& yes i will probably buy the movie when it comes out....
& will laugh... you will cry & you will clap @ the end.... enuff said.... :)