Monday, August 22, 2011

The Yard Sale - Part 1

If you've been reading for any length of time, you know that Techy and I started a house-wide purge a few weeks ago.

So we decided to try our hand at selling it. 

Yard Sale Style.

Not that I am opposed to Craigslist. 

Just that I wanted to get as much out at once as we possibly could.

So we did it.

We advertized on Craigslist.

We posted on most of the free websites out there.

And we shamelessly posted it on Facebook. 

(Well, Techy shamelessly posted it on Facebook, I mostly just whined about it.)

Wanna see a general recap???

I knew you would....

(As if you didn't already, right Facebook friends???)


Who's totally sick of my yard sale posting???

Oh well....

We opted to make our yard sale signs.

And what a hit they were.

Designed in word and printed on neon green paper.

Then taped to plywood.

Cost us practically nothing. 

But according to my father-in-law, they were plenty brite and eye-catching.

Worked for me!

We have a BUTT-LOAD (yes, that is an official/unofficial term, thankyouverymuch) of Christmas decor up for grabs.

The shocking thing was...NO ONE was interested.

I know.  SHOCKING.

Above you can see the makings of a good ole fashioned Griswold family Christmas.

That could totally be yours for less than $20.

I can tell you right now, that's a deal you ain't gonna find at Wally World this holiday season.

Let me ask you, how is it possible that we have not 1, but 2 gas grills?

One complete with a built-in bird's nest?

We really don't know either.

UNsurprisingly, we sold both of these bad boys.

With less effort than I would have ever imagined.

Now I know you are probably asking what in the heck am I looking at here?

And that's totally normal.

Because most people's badminton sets don't come with SCREW IN STAKES.

Nor are they made of metal.

But this beauty - Techy's pride and joy - is.

It was not without a misty eye that Techy unzipped this baby and layed it out for sale on Saturday.

Lucky for him, it didn't sale.

Lucky for me, we are going to try again next week!

And let's face it, no post would ever be complete without a Little Man picture.

This is when he figured out that the badminton rackets could double as golf clubs.

What you don't see in this pic is the ball that he had just whacked across our neighbor's yard seconds before I snapped this shot.

What you do see in this pic is that my child has figured out that he is clumsy...also that our sidewalk isn't even...poor baby boy knew if he looked up, he would probably fall....

And this is our life....

Now, let's take this party inside....

Because that's where all the good stuff was....

Now, I know that what you are focusing on in this picture is the buffet.

But the picture says so much more about the stuff we had inside of our garage....

In the background you can see the table with all the other Christmas decorations on it. 

(I have enough snowmen in my house to make an eskimo happy for life.)

Not to mention a wing chair in the upper right corner

A Nordic track next to that

And a recliner that my father-in-law spent a good portion of the morning napping in.

What you can't see in this picture is the entire ROW of perfectly good skinny clothes that were packed away for an entire year without anyone remembering or noticing.

I.e., my cute clothes could be your cute clothes.*

What you also don't see in this picture is the basket filled to the brim with Partylite votives of every color and scent known to man.

Man, does my garage smell delicious right now.

And finally...

My beautiful corner bookshelf.

Man, did I love that thing.

But it was time to find it a new home, and that's exactly what we did.

A good one.

And that's what yard saling is all about....

All things considered, it was a semi-success. 

We got rid of about 40% of the crap goods we had set out.

And we made enough money to buy groceries for the next month or 2. 

Which is really not bad at all.

You won't catch us complaining!

*You should be warned, it's not all cute.... 


tasmiley said...

your book shelf found a GREAT HOME... in fact no less after an hour of buyin it was in place & filled with kids books & them decideing who had what shelves 7 what to put on it...
so be happy it was a GREAT sale...
kids love it...i love it.. & at a great steal....hmmmmm!! :)

Debbie Lovette said...

I saw no mention of donuts or the wonderful friend who brought them. Just sayin'