Monday, August 29, 2011

Things the Purge Helped me Remember

A few weeks ago, when I got the itch to start cleaning out my house, I realized something.

There is alot of stuff that I have forgotten about in this place!

And there is alot of stuff that I have just forgotten about in general.

So I thought I would share some of my random memories with you.

In no specific order at all.

One of the more laughable forgotten moments of this list comes from a family vacation.  4 parents, 2 college age girls, 3 college age boys, and one teenage boy.

I.e., 4 boys.

And a big screen tv.

That SOMEONE just needed to take apart for some random reason.

And that SOMEONE almost couldn't get put back together.

Note the sheer panic in the first picture.

The only picture anyone will ever have of my Nanny in a bar.

We got stuck waiting for a table at a restaurant. 

And I had to capitalize on the opportunity to snap a pic of my holy Grandmother sitting in front of Jose Cuervo. 

You know you'd do the same....

The day I graduated from college.

Techy and I had been dating for about a month.

Have I ever told you that I spoke at our graduation?

And that I was so nervous that I head bobbed through the entire speech....

I only watched the video once. 

And then I destroyed it from sheer humiliation.


The headbob is only more pronounced with a tassle hanging nest to your face.

The year we all chose our own Christmas stockings...from things we had around the house.

Left to right:  Daddy-Camo Pants, Sarah - Laundry bag, Me - King sized pillow case, Ben - Army duffle bag, Mom - her sewing satchel.

That was a fun year....

And then there was the time and my brother in law and I found the 3D National Geographic from 1985 at my grandparent's house.

Gosh, the things that I have forced my poor brother in law to do.

Like pretend to be entertained by 3D pictures of Mars from 1985.

He's pretty good for a brother in law.

There was a phase where every random (nude) statue or giant fish was a photo opportunity....

I'm thankful that phase is over....

My favorite dress of all time.

Secret:  I made it my sophomore year of college.  And wore it until it fell apart.

Sad, sad day.

Remember what I said about the random statues/large animals?

All photo op's.

All of them.

This was taken the day before I graduated from college.

My mother was not crying.  She has a problem with burning the tip of her nose when we go to the beach.

Did I mention that the college I graduated from was about 10 miles from the beach?

Um. Yeah.

Mom didn't come to visit me...she came to park herself on the beach.

I kid!  I kid!

Well, kinda....

Study group...

With some lifelong pals....

Christmas - Sophomore year.

My daddy with a mustache...weird.

My brother as a teenager...weirder.

My sister as a blonde...the age old battle between blonde or brunette....

Thank you, Britney Spears, for making the double pigtail look happen.

While I was in college.

Boy, was that a hot look!

The day after a hurricane at college.

We were brave Floridian's at the time.

We didn't know the difference between staying in or going out.

My brother-in-law's twin.  Who was possibly one of my closest friends during my (lonely) junior and senior year of college.

Check it out!

My BFF senior year. 

The only reason I know Techy.

Also appearing in this pic...the dress.  Again.

Told you it was a fave.

The world may never know what an ironic picture this is.

On so many levels.

But I do.

This is one of Techy's best friends.

Who I knew a good 2 years before I ever heard of Techy.

And who I never thought I would ever speak to again.

After my junior year of college.

Until I met Techy.

And now, he's pretty much an everyday name in our household.

And we visit him and his wife at least 2x per year.

And no, that girl is not his wife.


Purple lipstick.



One of my favorite people.


There was never a dull moment around this guy.


Little boys.

Who should always be little boys.

But according to Facebook, they just graduated high school, got jobs, got married and are having babies.

How does this happen!?!?!

And then, there was Techy.

Although all anyone sees in this pic (above) is the wedgie woman.

But what I see are the younger years.

When Techy didn't like to smile in pictures.

And again.


Why on earth wouldn't he smile?

He says nerves.

I say, blahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  SMILE!

But finally, 2 days before HIS graduation....  (and yes, a year after mine...)

A smile.

And the rest, they say, is history.

Oh wait!  How did this kid get here???

I say, blame it on the smile....


Bumber's Bumblings said...

This made me laugh and cry at the same time! You are such a fun girl. I'm so disappointed that we weren't at college at the same time! Umm and WHY did you speak at graduation?

Sarah said...

Thanks for no pre-nose job pictures. Laughed so hard.