Friday, June 1, 2012

How Bad Do You Want It?

I'm Fat.

Or chubby.

Or round, if you will...

Basically, I have extra layers where I am not supposed to.

And basically, I want it gone...

You know that by now, right???

And for the record, I want to see this number on my scale

But last time I checked, this was the number I was seeing.

That's a good 35 lbs apart...

I want to be able to wear shorts without having to worry about the overhang...on top and bottom.

But how badly do I want it?

Let me just tell you...

I want it bad enough to make a date with Jillian twice a week.

I want it bad enough to go running on vacation.

I want it bad enough to skip the temptations that await me in my freezer.

I want it bad enough to shame myself by posting my weight - my ACTUAL weight - on Facebook every week.

And I want it bad enough to ruin my pedicure by shoving my feet into sneakers 5 days a week.

How bad do you want it???

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