Monday, July 26, 2010

Why I love being a Mommy

Here just a few reasons...

Little Man will be 7 months old on Wednesday. And what a ride it's been. His little laughter fills our home with so much happiness. And his cries, though few and far between, make the days exciting.

Yesterday, I watched Juno for like 2,365th time. And as usual, I cried. I am always so touched with Jennifer Garner's portrayal of the mommy-to-be. The look on her face when she feels that little guy kicking is so beautiful. I hurt for her. And I feel so fortunate for the fact that I was able to carry my own little guy and give birth to him and have the experience that so many women are fighting for these days.

So today, I am thanking God for my Little Man despite the +60 lbs., the sleepless nights, and the inconvenient schedule. I never knew how amazing this could be.

Sorry for the cheesy-ness. But you get it, right?

And by now, you kind of expect this, right? Just wait. I have more cheesy-ness right around the corner!

**Note: the drool is not the only reason I love being a mommy, even if it is present in every photo. Sorry. Teething does that.

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Kait said...

ahhh! LOVE when you post pictures of Connor! He's so cute!!